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What We Do

Exceptional Healthcare Starts with Exceptional Physicians

Providing Comfort and Healing One Emergency at a Time

We believe that exceptional patient care begins with extraordinary people.  For over 30 years, our independent group of emergency medicine physicians created engaged, dedicated, and forward-thinking leaders in medicine.      

Above all, our focus is on delivering quality patient care, and we understand that there is not a one size fits all solution in emergency medicine.  We know that a strong local clinical team combined with long-term alignment with hospital leadership is the key ingredient to a high performing emergency department. 

Using our innovative physician-first approach, we excel in providing the highest level of care to the patients and families we are called to serve. 

Illinois Emergency Medicine Specialists

How We Do It

We value one another’s expertise in providing whole care. We respect our patients and ourselves. We are best when we work together. Our strength lies in our unity rather than our individuality.

Our Partnership

Emergency Care Partners (ECP) teams up with visionary emergency medicine practices to support them in their goals for continued expansion. ECP believes that through collaboration, emergency medicine groups gain the resources necessary to thrive. ECP As a partner to these practices, leverages their national reach to ensure the local physician owned practices have the competitive resources to position their emergency department teams for continued success in today’s competitive healthcare environment.

Our Network

In addition to the resources provided by Emergency Care Partners (ECP), Illinois Emergency Medicine Specialists also benefit from a strong internal network of emergency medicine clinicians and administrators via the other physician owned regional groups within the ECP family.

Our ability to connect with leaders, clinicians, administrators and others across the country is just one resource to help us pro-actively provide solutions to the communities we serve. Across the emergency medicine industry, we all face the same issues from different perspectives. Only when we come together to share best-practices can we provide the best service.

How can we Help?

Thank you for contacting our team. We will be in touch with you shortly!

So if you are considering making a change in your current emergency department provider group, let’s talk. We can be your sounding board as you navigate your options, and we can work together to find the right solution for your emergency department and your current emergency medicine providers. Together, we can support your community’s needs and facilitate the continued success of your hospital for years to come.