Exceptional Emergency Care For Your Family and Ours

“The Illinois Emergency Medicine Specialists (IEMS) team proudly celebrates its 35th year of delivering emergency care for the Chicago area communities! Over the past three and a half decades, we’ve committed to providing the highest-quality and timely emergency medical care, focusing on the well-being of every individual we touch. I hope the group’s dedication to excellence, innovation, and compassion in emergency medical services has earned the trust and gratitude of the community we serve. We hope to continue serving our communities with many more years of continued success and service to those in need.”

– Ted Patras, MD, President, IEMS.

Illinois Emergency Medicine Specialists

We know that exceptional patient care begins with extraordinary people. For 35 years, our independent group of emergency medicine physicians created engaged, dedicated, and forward-thinking leaders in medicine. Using our innovative physician-first approach, we excel in providing the highest level of care to the patients and families we are called to serve.