John Moustoukas, MD, MBA, FACEP

John Moustoukas

Chief Quality Officer & Director of Informatics

Illinois Emergency Medicine Specialists

About John Moustoukas, MD, MBA, FACEP

A New Orleans native, Dr. Moustoukas moved to Chicago after graduating from Tulane University School of Medicine. He completed his residency at the University of Illinois College of Medicine – Chicago. Since joining IEMS in 2014, John has been integrally involved in quality and process improvement at the practice, hospital, and health system levels. Dr. Moustoukas is passionate about driving data-driven change and works closely with the Emergency Care Partners data analytics team to implement comprehensive analytics solutions at our hospitals. Dr. Moustoukas currently serves as the Emergency Department Chairman at Weiss Memorial HospitalHe is known for his collaborative leadership approach to overcoming barriers with intentional communication and complete stakeholder engagementDr. Moustoukas resides in the Chicago suburbs and enjoys cycling, songwriting, and cooking in his spare time. 

IEMS has a legacy of an owner-operator mentality. Physicians have committed their entire careers to building our local, private practice. So, we genuinely consider this company as our home and our team as an extended family. The secret sauce to the success of IEMS is linked to our sense of ownership. We are like-minded and aligned in providing the highest level of care while maintaining a great practice environment for our physicians.

About IEMS

Our forward-thinking leadership model pairs physicians with a dynamic executive nurse leader. This dyad model allows us to implement comprehensive and practical solutions to operational challenges. Our local democratic governance augmented by an organization with a national presence is the archetype for a successful modern emergency medicine practice.

So if you are considering making a change in your current emergency department provider group, let’s talk. We can be your sounding board as you navigate your options, and we can work together to find the right solution for your emergency department and your current emergency medicine providers. Together, we can support your community’s needs and facilitate the continued success of your hospital for years to come.